How to strengthen immunity not only in times of Coronavirus?

Immunity is something that’s talked about everywhere these days. The immunity of our body is truly fundamental. Strong imune system can resist dangerous viruses and bacteria.And also various deases are often much more moderate with a shorter recovery, when the immunity is in good shape.

Immunity means to separate “own” from “foreign”, meaning that of a person has it, his body can deal with the “foreign”.

Healthy intestines and our mindset

Our body is largely made of microorganisms, and their rate has a significant influence on how healthy we are. This “cocktail” of bacteria is significant in our intestines and it”s called Gastrointestinal microbiome. And it’s the condition of this microbiota that’s directly proportionate to our immunity. And not only to immunity, but also to mental well-being. We can say that healthy intestines have an important, even fundamental role in the shape of our minds and organisms, and even in how we feel every day.

This is unambiguously connected to what we eat and what we think. Both have a huge influence. And when we look at the function of intestines, thanks to which we absorb nutrients and get rid of the “waste” from our body, their non-functionality means an insufficient nutrition for our body. We then also keep a lot of “waste” in our body that’s slowly or inefficiently processed and excreted.

Diet is also connected to fluid intake and everything we eat with our mouth and send to our digestive system to process. It’s all used to create energy necessary for our body to live and to regenerate, and for correct functioning of all organs.

Would you put petrol into a diesel engine?

You most definitely wouldn’t. And we have to look at our body the same way. Yes, a car won’t go very far, once you fill it with a wrong type of fuel, but our bodies, with their main purpose being to survive, and mroe persistent, and such “engine seizure” won’t manifest immediately. Unfortunately, the saying of a frog in the water you heat until the frog start to feel it, but is at that point unable to escape, because the water is too hot, is very often true.

We’re not frogs

Yes, we’re not frogs, but thinking people, and everything we do every day we do to “survive”. And this realisation is the key to work properly on our strength and immunity. And if your imaginary water is already heating in the pot, it’s knowledge and awareness that should command: “Jump out! Before it’s boiling!”

What is important for strong immunity?

  • Diet and fluid intake
  • Enoguh movement
  • Breathing (mostly how and what we breathe)
  • Our mind


Diet and food supplements

Sadly, bread isn’t what it used to be. most of industrially processed eatables is seasoned in a way to satisfy our receptors, craving “poisons” we’re addicted to. These foods are full of sugar, colorings, stabilizers, and other ingredients you will never want to taste again, once you read about their origin and ways of processing. But they have a unique abaility – they can satisfy our receptors and give them a sort of joy, so that thanks to this fake euphoria, we don’t even notice we can live without them. And there’s only one way out of this. Healthy diet and, more importantly, awareness. Because our minds are much stronger than the voice of greedy receptors (which put us into food addictions, similar to the ones on tobacco, drugs, or alcohol).

And because in case we decide to eat foods as minimally industrially processed as possible, we often find that the gworing conditions for plants and feeding conditions for animals weren’t ideal, food supplements we invented. They’re products which give our body a well-balanced ratio of nutrients we’re not capable of getting elsewhere and we need to function properly. And not only to function properly, but also to get such nutrients, thanks to which our body can deal with years of poisons and with the consequences of modern society – stress, air quality, and the aforementioned foods.

This doesn’t mean that food supplements can replace a healthy diet, but they’ll give you what your body needs. In times of an illness, recovery, and every for every day life, as a prevention. Because even in ancient times, the doctor of an emperor was successful only when the emperor didn’t get sick…

More on the topic of gastrointestinal microbiome and about how it affects not only our weight, but also health and mood, can be found in the book “The Good Gut” (Justin and Erica Sonnenburg).



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