Our thoughts create the chemistry in our body! Yes, we are what we’re thinking!

Our consciousness and mind have miraculous power! And when we understand it, we can use it to our benefit and a healthy life. The author of a bestseller “The biology of belief”, Dr. Bruce Lipton, who’s also the father of a field called “Epigenetics”, explains this phenomenon in more detail in a video.

It’s not always our genes, They’re only a mere prerequisite for the development of emotions, but it’s mainly “the thing” that can activate them. And here’s where our mind, sending signals all across the body, has one of the most important roles!

The chemistry, our way of thinking and our way of life are sending to our cells, is directly proportionate to how we live. Our thoughts, whether real or false, change our biology!

Even the Buddhists, nearly 2 500 years ago, used to say: “We become what we’re thinking!”

Dr. Bruce Lipton, renowned biologist and epidemiologist, will give you some understanding in this video. Because today it’s not only a religious philosophy, but a fact, studied by scientists.

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