Gaining and the way of processing of food supplements.

It’s like with groceries. Some are “cheap”, made and seasoned in a way so that our taste buds like them. When produced, though, known active substances are “lost”, due to the need of fast and cheap production.

When we’re dealing with our own health, our interest should be complex. It’s not important “just to eat something”, but to provide our body with a well-rounded nutrition, produced under such conditions that it’ll truly help you!

That’s why today we want to take a closer look at how individual ingredients in food suplements are processed. We do not want to talk about any other than the products from the Diamond Immunity collection, though, because that’s where we can guarantee the origin, considerate processing, and a true presence of active substances.

The founder of Diamond Immunity, MUDr. Luboš Říha, has been using them himself for quite a some time and since he’s convinced himself of their astonishing effects and very well knows the way they’re prepared, he decided to share this possibility to favourably influence one’s immunity with other people, by introducing Diamond Immunity food supplements.

The way of growing

The suppliers, who are growing the active substances which are contained in our products, have one strict condition, and that’s to “provide the best, in pure quality, and without any chamicals”.

This means that all mushrooms and plants we use for their extracts or active substances, have to grow in a natural environment. This means no “growing enhancers” and similar miraculous preparations,which could contribute to side effects. These are products that are grown with consideration and love. Our suppliers care about it the same way as if they were gworing vegetables for their own children.

Extraction of active substances

Some plants are effective the way they are. But with some species, active substances need to be extracted. Even for these processes, we use the most gentle ways with a sole task not to affect the natural look of a given substance.

When you connect the way of growing and the extraction of active substances, they’re the most fundamental processes, which are directly proportionate to what our body will get of the final product.

The whole process could be compared to the preparation of sauerkraut. If the ingredient is of high-quality, grown in cleand soil full of nutrients, with enough sun and with respect to its natural rhythm, the final product will as well be excellent, if processed with care. And not only that, but it also maintains its nutrients, which are the reason we eat it.

And it’s the same with food supplements. Soil full of nutrients, sunlight, the needed time to grow, and gentle processing. This procedure is the “magic” that’ll leave its signature on the final effect.

And you naturally want the best for your body…

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